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Outbound Sales Conversion

Immediate Response: Deliver instant follow-up to customers in search of more information or those wanting to schedule a demo.


Intelligent Understanding: Our cutting-edge solution grasps the context of a customer's interest, ensuring a personalized sales pitch every time.


Versatile Engagement: Whether prospects visit your website, attempt to purchase a service, or follow up post a trade show, Tenyx is here to bridge that connection.

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Telephone Surveys

Cost Concerns Addressed: Rising call center expenses and dwindling pickup rates have made phone surveys increasingly challenging.

Friendly & Hassle-Free: Our automated survey tool offers a frustration-free experience, ensuring your audience is reached effectively.

Legal Compliance: We prioritize adherence to both local and federal regulations pertaining to outbound calls, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

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Personalized Customer Service

Smart & Personalized Interactions: Our innovative system deeply understands customers over the phone, ensuring interactions are tailored to individual needs.

Empower Your Team: Let Tenyx handle the bulk, allowing your team to focus on delivering unparalleled user experiences.

Always Available: Experience the new era of customer service with Tenyx, your virtual agent available around the clock.

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Hospitality, Travel and Scheduling

Prioritize Exceptional Service: Allow Tenyx to manage the reservations, enabling your team to concentrate on delivering memorable guest experiences.

Redefining Bookings: Tenyx introduces virtual reservation agents, improving the way your brand engages with customers during the booking process.

Intelligent & Customized Conversations: Our system deciphers customer nuances over the phone, tailoring the conversation for optimal call resolution.

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Dan Gwak, Point72 Ventures

"Tenyx has the potential to revolutionize the enterprise customer service market, allowing a wide range of businesses to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which they help their customers.”


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