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Robust voice-based conversational agents

We are tackling some of the core challenges facing existing AI solutions, including the ability to learn continually from new information in real-time and the need to dramatically reduce model training times. Using proprietary neuroscience-inspired AI technology, our team is building the next generation of voice-based conversational agents: intelligent, interactive, and with the common-sense reasoning lacking today.


Addressing some of the key challenges of current AI technology

We're Hiring ...

We are a team of researchers and engineers led by an experienced leadership team with a track record of building successful AI companies from the ground up. We are looking for talented individuals with strong analytical capabilities, machine learning experience and solid coding skills, who are passionate about delivering the next-generation of AI technology and building highly impactful products. If that’s you please email us at:

Research Scientist (Palo Alto, CA – multiple positions)

Conduct applied research and product development with a focus on ML and AI technologies using mathematical and analytical theories, techniques and tools.

Specific duties include:
 Developing mathematical models pertaining to deep learning models that mitigate catastrophic forgetting via non-gradient-based optimization.
 Developing hierarchical models of representation that capture regularities in observations and map those to a decision space whereby each layer of the hierarchy corresponds to a different spatiotemporal scale.
 Employing mathematical techniques derived from stochastic processes, linear algebra, estimation theory, and information theory.
 Developing and evaluating applied research code, including devising simulation and testing environments to illustrate the capabilities of new machine learning algorithms and architectures in various problem domains, including those involving visual and auditory input streams.

REQ: MS or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or closely related field. Must have knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, and stochastic processes; machine learning theory and practice, including supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, reinforcement learning, and sequential decision-making under uncertainty; and mathematical modeling techniques and data science, including classification and regression methods, regularization techniques, and ensemble learning methodologies. Must also have 2 years of experience (either in graduate school or post-graduate studies) with Python and PyTorch. Experience can be concurrent. Send cover letter with resume to: I. Arel at Tenyx, 455B Portage Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 or via email: No calls.

VP of Research and Development (Palo Alto, CA)

Lead the company’s research and development activities, including managing teams of engineers and researchers working on different aspects of the company’s software technology and products. Will have oversight of the company’s technical roadmap and will be responsible for delivering software solutions that utilize the company’s proprietary neuroscience-inspired machine learning technologies.

Specific duties include:
 Developing algorithms, software architectures, and code that implement a novel machine learning framework developed by the company.
 Contributing to the mathematical modeling of these algorithms and to the Python and PyTorch implementations of the code.
 Supporting the design of evaluation environments used to determine the performance of the systems developed.
 Contributing to the successful deployment of the company’s solutions by supporting customers with technical documentation and questions.

REQ: PhD or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Computational/Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering + 3 years of post- graduate software engineering experience, particularly with products involving machine learning technologies, including TTS and ASR systems and language identification; large language models and ontological development; and DRL/theory of deep learning. Required experience must include advanced linear algebra, optimization/approximation theory, and statistics; software system architecture (design principles, code & code quality principles, software deployment, and continuous integration); Advanced Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Bash; and deep learning frameworks (SKLearn, MxNet, TensorFlow and PyTorch). Must also have 2 years of experience as an Engineering Manager or similar, overseeing R&D activities and leading software development teams of at least 20 PhD-level applied researchers in the AI space, and including experience with program management, delivering end-to-end, multi-month/year, cross-functional deep technical programs. Experience can be concurrent. Send cover letter w/resume to: I. Arel at Tenyx, 455B Portage Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94036 or via email: No calls.

Who we are

First and foremost, we are a team of researchers and engineers passionate about building truly intelligent machines. Our conviction is that intelligent machines will pave the way to addressing some of humanity's greatest challenges; from drug discovery and education to climate change. We are pursuing a pragmatic roadmap delivering significant improvements to existing AI capabilities which will endow machines with the ability to solve problems that are currently considered beyond the scope of AI technologies. 

Tenyx is led by the founding team behind Apprente, which developed the world’s first voice-based AI solutions to automate the order-taking process at drive-thru restaurants. Apprente was acquired by McDonald’s Corporation and subsequently by IBM. The seasoned leadership at Tenyx includes Dr. Itamar Arel, a former professor of AI and CEO at Apprente, and Prof. Ron Chrisley, an established AI researcher and head of the Cognitive Science program at Sussex University. Among its advisors are renowned AI and neuroscience researchers, including professors Noah Goodman, David Eagleman and Shaul Druckmann all from Stanford University.  

Our focus

Our initial product focus is on utilizing our groundbreaking research outcomes to build the next-generation of intelligent voice-based agents using our proprietary neuroscience-inspired AI technology. Leveraging our novel technological capabilities, Tenyx will deliver platforms that allow customers across multiple industries to rapidly deploy automated solutions that will dramatically reduce operating expenses while vastly improving both service levels and the overall customer experience. 

455B Portage Av
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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