Conversational AI for
the Enterprise

Tenyx Voice is an Interactive Virtual Agent (IVA) built from the ground up leveraging today’s modern AI stack. Built by a team with a proven track record in voice AI, and leveraging a unique core AI and voice platform, Tenyx promises to redefine customer interactions for the enterprise.


Tenyx avoids the problems many current AI solutions face

User Frustration

Traditional IVRs struggle to understand customer intent which result in more call center calls to agents.

Lack of Innovation and Broken Promises

Current IVR and call center solutions have not delivered on their promise to improve the customer experience, provide dynamic scaling,  iterate on improving the customer experience, or efficiency. Therefore, enterprises are unable to generate additional revenue, deliver higher customer satisfaction or improve efficiency.

Voice is not Text

Most AI solutions are optimized for text, not voice interactions and therefore solutions that add voice to a chat-based solution end up disappointing the customer.

The three pillars that
make us different

Tenyx has invested in three technology pillars to deliver a complete conversational AI voice service to deliver on the future of enterprise IVAs.

A voice service that works

Conversational AI voice agents (IVAs) that work, are robust and are tailored for specific industries.

We deliver the lowest latency possible in order to provide the most authentic conversational voice agent.
Rapid Deployment
Customer-specific demos in weeks and full deployment in under a month.
All Use Cases and Domains
From outbound and inbound calls to sales, support, and surveys. Agents that understand industry-specific terminology. Integrated into existing systems and knowledge bases.
I'm looking to book a place to stay next weekend for three nights.
Oh, for next weekend? There are rooms available from the 15th to the 17th starting at $200 a night. Shall we proceed with booking?
Yes, please!
Perfect! Your booking is confirmed.
I’m calling to follow up about...
second PILLAR

Conversational voice platform

Voice AI technologies to deliver the best voice experience, such as endpointing, customizable turn-based conversational AI, and integrating with your critical customer service software.

Endpointing and Interruptions
Accurately detects when a customer has finished speaking so that Tenyx can deliver the right conversational flow for each interaction. Users can also interrupt the AI in a natural manner while maintaining low-latency performance in high noise environments.
Turn-based Conversational AI
Voice and call routing that maintains the context of a conversation to improve the customer experience over time. Our stateful, dynamic IP based call routing platform enables us to deliver a unique agent to enhance your brand.
Dynamic Scaling
Adapts to varying call volumes effortlessly.
third PILLAR

Core AI

TenyxChat is a safe and secure multi-LLM architecture based on the leading AI technologies and is available as an open-source model. Tenyx’s core AI is developed to continuously learn without undoing safety guardrails or forgetting previously trained knowledge that leverages Tenyx’s fine-tuning.

Voice and Chat LLM
TenyxChat offers the highest-rated open-source, developer-friendly LLM for voice on HuggingFace.
Safe, Enterprise-ready
Our fine-tuning delivers the highest level of performance without forgetting or compromising on safety.
Best-in-Class Technology
Incorporates the latest advancements in LLMs and voice technology.

See how Tenyx can help you

Tenyx has invested in three technology pillars to deliver a complete conversational AI voice service to deliver on the future of enterprise IVAs.

Surveys & Research

Efficient AI voice solutions for data collection, feedback gathering, and market research.

Consumer Services

Personalized AI voice solutions for customer care, product support, and loyalty programs.


Dynamic AI Voice Solutions for Shopping Assistance, Order Tracking, and Customer Queries.

Hospitality & Travel

Seamless AI Voice Solutions for Bookings, Concierge Services, and Guest Assistance.
Financial Services
Streamlined AI Voice Solutions for Banking, Investments, and Customer Support.
Complete AI voice solutions for healthcare inquiries, appointment management, and follow-up support
Complete AI voice solutions for insurance sales, claims, and policies.

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